Informations on Esisuisse Deposit Protection

The Swiss deposit guarantee protects the general public from loss in the event of a bank failure.

Certain deposits with BANQUE BANORIENT (Suisse) SA are covered by the deposit protection.

Deposits are customer assets held in accounts managed by the bank.

Guaranteed deposits are:

  • Assets in national currency on accounts in the customer’s name.
  • Assets in metal accounts (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) insofar as the customer has an exclusive or alternative contractual right to payment in national currency.
  • Bearer-denominated medium-term notes in local currency deposited with the issuing bank.
  • Sight deposits, term deposits or term investments with the Bank.
  • Deposits denominated in foreign national currencies are also covered by the deposit guarantee.

In the event of a bank failure, the deposit protection scheme protects customer deposits of up to CHF 100,000 from loss.

  • Where more than one person holds an account, this community will be treated as one customer for the purposes of the guarantee.
  • If this community holds several accounts in common, their balances will be added together.
  • Deposits in the name of such a community are guaranteed up to CHF 100,000.
  • Where individuals belonging to such a community maintain a separate customer relationship with the bank, deposits up to CHF 100,000 are also guaranteed for this separate customer relationship.


Example 1

  • A couple have only one joint account with a balance of CHF 140,000.
  • As a community, they have guaranteed deposits of CHF 100,000.


Example 2

  • A couple has a joint account with a balance of CHF 140,000.
  • also has an individual account with a balance of CHF 50,000.
  • also has an individual account with a balance of CHF 20,000.
  • As a community, they have a guaranteed deposit of CHF 100,000 on the joint account.
  • Mrs’s deposit of CHF 50,000 and Mr.’s deposit of CHF 20,000 are also fully guaranteed.
  • In this example, the total guarantee amounts to CHF 170,000.